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  • Priceville Ontario Real Estate
  • Priceville Ontario Real Estate
  • Priceville Ontario Real Estate

Priceville Real Estate and Homes for Sale

As real estate agents who specialize in Priceville, let us be your guides to what Priceville Ontario has to offer as a neighbourhood to finding homes for sale in the area.

A once booming little community where many came and went. Now a sought after area in Grey County, is a little hamlet called Priceville! Priceville is a wonderful community to live and work in. Where the children can be children and adults can know they are safe.

The history of Priceville is quite unique and we get to hear and read the stories today! Now an easy commute from neighbouring cities and towns that was once considered a rough voyage. There was a time in Priceville that had "The old-time Cattle Fair" held in the 1860's to the early 1880's on the first Monday of every month. Twenty or more buyers were eager to pick up a great purchase. As there were only trails in the area of Priceville - the cattle could easily find their way back home. Priceville had seven hotels and Taverns were there were many laughs and good business days.

Also came the days of Pioneer Candles. The basic ingredient called Tallow. Candlestick holders were used to carry the candles from room to room and then along came the candle snuffers.

Another unique product of Priceville was called Potash. Many traveling workers and their families were hired to make Potash. Ashes were mixed with water and then boiled till the water evaporated. Potash remained in the bottom of the kettle and became a very valuable ingredient to manufacture soap and fine glass. It was also use to wash the lanolin and dirt from fleece before it could be carded and spun into wool. There was a potash factory in Priceville on Artemisia Street.

The community of Priceville were people came together for barn building, hugging parties and the ice harvest.

Ice was cut from the Saugeen River using a special saw into 50lb blocks. Then a team of horses and a sleigh moved the ice blocks to be the laid on sawdust in rows and covered with more saw dust. The hotels and stores of Priceville stored the ice where it kept the meat, milk and butter cool well into the warm months.

Hillside Realty is home to one of those historical buildings of Priceville, known formerly as the General Store and is glad to have its roots laid here!

Find homes for sale in Priceville or sell your Priceville property!

Helping you buy and sell real estate is what we specialize in. Now that you know more about this neighbourhood, the only question that remains – can we help you buy or can we help you sell?

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