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  • Grey Bruce Ontario Real Estate
  • Grey Bruce Ontario Real Estate
  • Grey Bruce Ontario Real Estate

Grey Bruce Real Estate and Homes for Sale

As real estate agents who specialize in Grey Bruce, let us be your guides to what Grey Bruce Ontario has to offer as a neighbourhood to finding homes for sale in the area.

Situated just over an hour north of Toronto where all seasons are spectacular, the area is welcoming for the outdoor enthusiast or for someone who just wants the peace and quiet. There is something for everyone!

As the years have gone by and we look at our days in Toronto there is something much more to be said about making the right decision. Whether you are a young person, a family person raising kids, retiring or just coming up for regular jaunts this is the right place for you!

There are still many reminders of a time in the past where life was harder and unique. Yet that past now brings adventures to the present.

Artemesia is one of the central townships of Grey, situated between Euphrasia and Proton. Small settlements include Priceville, Flesherton, Eugenia and Kimberley. With such a diversity of terrain that includes - wonders of waterfalls, rivers, lakes, cliffs and hills.

Artemesia originally named Artemisia was after a well-known character in heathen mythology.

Eugenia falls forms one of the most picturesque scenes in the area. A thriving little village called Eugenia was 1st settled in 1958 by three brothers. It is currently occupied by businesses, regular vacationers and people who have decided to retire from various cities from the south.

Almost in the centre of the Township lies Flesherton. At one point the town consisted of four general stores, one drug store and many more shops. At time factories run by steam and water included a saw mill, woolen mill, tannery, black-smiths, harness, tailor and carriage shops. They received the best telegraph and mail facilities a time long ago. Now once again this unique town includes various distinctive shops and schools that have recently seen many of the residents and students coming from areas outside of Grey.

Priceville where the Saugeen River passes through it affords an abundance of beautiful scenes and many unique tales of history. The town still has many of its original buildings that have kept their character and charm and these structures include the commercial hotel, general store, harness shop and livery buildings.

Comparatively speaking Grey was once consider one of the most desirable of municipalities in the county of the early 1800's which now again is thriving as those from various areas discover the affordability of land and housing, giving everyone four seasons to make the move to Artemesia.

Find homes for sale in Grey Bruce or sell your Grey Bruce property!

Helping you buy and sell real estate is what we specialize in. Now that you know more about this neighbourhood, the only question that remains – can we help you buy or can we help you sell?

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